Research at UW-Madison in DifferentialEquations

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Research at UW-Madison in Differential Equations


Hung Vinh Tran Nonlinear PDE

Chanwoo Kim Applied PDE, Kinetic theory, Fluid dynamics.

Mihaela Ifrim Nonlinear Dispersive Equations (water-wave equations and related dispersive models), Fluid Mechanics, Elastodynamics, Harmonic Analysis, General Relativity.

Mikhail Feldman Nonlinear PDE, Calculus of Variations

Sergei Bolotin Dynamical Systems, Variational Methods, Celestial Mechanics.

Sigurd Angenent Nonlinear PDE, differential geometry, medical imaging, math biology.

Faculty in related areas

Lu Wang Geometric Analysis, Mean Curvature Flow

Bing Wang Geometric Analysis, Ricci flow, Kaehler-Ricci flow, Mean Curvature flow

Sergey Denissov Analysis, PDE


Paul Rabinowitz PDE, Calculus of Variations, Dynanamical Systems, Nonlinear Analysis

Joel Robbin Global Analysis, Differential Equations

Robert Turner Partial Differential Equations, Fluid Mechanics, Mathematical Biology