Ricoh Copier FAQ

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Ricoh Copier FAQ

You should have received a code for use with the copiers. If you did not, please contact the computer staff to get one. Do not let others know your code. You will be charged for any copies made using your code. Here are the charges for making copies

  * 200 free B&W copies per month, after that you will be charged 4 cents per copy.
  * color copies cost 20 cents a page with no free allowance.

Select the copy function by pressing the button at the upper left hand corner of the display panel. It is selected by default. Enter your code to make copies. The simplified display button in the lower right hand corner of the display panel toggles between simplified and advanced displays. You can see the simplified and advanced displays for the copy function below:

 simple display: Copy-display-simple.gif
 advanced display: Copy-display.gif

The default copy mode is Black & White. Select Auto-color if you want to print in color but don't want to be charged for non-color pages in your document. If you select full color, every page in your document will be counted as a color page.

Making a Magazine on 11in x 17in paper"

Here are instructions for creating a 8.5in x 11in magazine by printing four 8.5in x 11in pages (2 on each side) on 11in x 17 in paper:

 * print out your document (in either simplex or duplex mode) on 8.5in x 11in paper
 * next, place the pages in the document feeder in the correct order, with the printed side up 
 * enter your copy code and make the selections shown below
   Magazine Display: Ricoh-mag.jpg
 * finally, push the start button. The copier will reorder the pages correctly and print them out (this may be slow). You can print up to 40 pages (10 sheets) for a magazine which must then be  stapled in the middle and folded over. The Law Library copy center has facilities for doing the stapling and trimming.