SIAM Student Chapter Seminar

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  • When: Every Other Wednesday at 2:00 pm (except as otherwise indicated)
  • Where: 901 Van Vleck Hall
  • Organizers: Ke Chen
  • To join the SIAM Chapter mailing list: email [] website.

Fall 2018

09/12: Ke Chen

Title: Inverse Problem in Optical Tomography

Abstract: I will briefly talk about my researches on the inverse problems of radiative transfer equations, which is usually used as a model to describe the transport of neutrons or other particles in a certain media. Such inverse problems considers the following question: given the knowledge of multiple data collected at the boundary of the domain of interest, is it possible to reconstruct the optical property of the interior of media? In this talk, I will show you that stability of this problem is deteriorating as the Knudsen number is getter smaller. The talk will be introductory and anyone graduate is welcome to join us.

09/26: Kurt Ehlert

Title: TBD

Abstract: TBD