Summer 2019 Algebraic Geometry Reading Group

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This is the page for the Summer 2019 Algebraic Geometry Reading Group.


We plan to primarily use the newest version of Ravi Vakil's The Rising Sea: Foundations of Algebraic Geometry, which can be found here:

At times we may also use Hartshorne's Algebraic Geometry.


10 Total Weeks: May 13-31, June 24-August 9

Roughly 3 meetings per week for 1-1.5 hours each.

Exact days will be determined based on the schedules of the participants.

Optimistic reading schedule (all chapters from Vakil):

Week of May 13: Ch. 3, Ch. 4 (Affine schemes, structure sheaf)

Week of May 20: Ch. 5, Start Ch. 6 (Properties of schemes, morphisms of schemes)

Week of May 27: Finish Ch. 6, Ch. 7 (Classes of morphisms of schemes)

Week of June 24: Ch. 8, Start Ch. 9 (Closed embeddings and Cartier divisors, fibered product of schemes)

Week of July 1: Finish Ch. 9, Ch. 10 (Separated and proper morphisms, varieties)

Week of July 8: Ch. 11, Start Ch. 12 (Dimension, regularity and smoothness)

Week of July 15: Finish Ch. 12, Ch. 13 (Quasicoherent and coherent sheaves)

Week of July 22: Ch. 14, Start Ch. 15 (Line bundles, projective schemes)

Week of July 29: Finish Ch. 15, Ch. 16 (Pushforwards and pullbacks of quasicoherent sheaves)

Week of August 5: Ch. 18, Ch. 19, Ch. 21 (Cech cohomology, curves, differentials)

General Meeting Structure

This reading seminar will be structured as follows. Every meeting will have an assigned "leader," who will usually be one of the reading group participants, but could at times be an older grad student or professor. It will be expected that everyone attending will read the assigned chapters prior to the meeting. The "leader" is expected to additionally work out some examples prior and will be responsible for guiding the group discussion during the meeting. Meetings will primarily be spent discussing questions that everyone has about the reading and going through examples together. Depending on the interest of the group, we may also have problem solving sessions.

If you are interested in joining this reading group, please contact Caitlyn Booms at by May 8, 2019 and join the mailing list by emailing join-ag (at)

Summer plans

If you feel like telling us your general plans for the summer, so that we'll know when you are around Madison, please do so here:

Caitlyn: out of town May 29-June 23 and Aug. 17-25

Colin: Out of town July 1-15 and one week sometime in June probably