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Each office should contain a City of Madison telephone book and a Math Dept directory. Senior staff members also receive two departmental directories (one for office and one for home). The University faculty and staff directory is available online at the department's website. Calls made to other campus phone numbers are made using only the last 5 digits. For example, for telephone # 263-3485, dial 3-3485.

TA and Honorary Fellow office phone lines are restricted to local calls.

For all local Madison area calls, you dial “9" to get an outside line. Local calls are billed to the department at 9¢ per call. It is recognized that local personal calls in moderation may be necessary, but everyone should minimize the number of calls.

Phones with long distance capability:

For business long distance calls to any of the 50 states, Mexico, and Canada, you must use the State Telephone System. To access this system, dial 8 before the number:

DIAL 8 + 1 + area code + telephone number

Personal long distance phone calls may not be made over the State system. If you must make a personal long distance call from your office, charge it to your home phone, to a calling card (by placing the call through the operator), or using your cell phone. It is not possible to reimburse the department for personal calls. You should consider investing in a cell phone if you need to make long distance phone calls from your office on a regular basis.

We are charged for a 1 minute phone call for both busy signals and for no answer. The department is billed for every directory assistance call. Currently, that charge is 65¢ per call. Please avoid calling directory assistance whenever possible. With the advent of the internet, you can use any online telephone directory to look up phone numbers for free.

Faculty members may be billed for excessive monthly phone charges. Such bills may be paid by charging to a University administered grant or by payment in cash.