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What to do if your job does not print

NOTE: if the red light is lit on the start button, there is a problem (usually no paper)

 a. Check the status of your print job with one of these commands
       lpq -P N  (where N is the floor you sent the job to)
       lpstat -t
 b. Check that there is paper in the tray. If not, get a ream of
 paper from the copy center and put it into the top tray. If you
 are uncertain about how to do this, ask the computer staff in 507
 for help.
 c. It may be that your job was formatted for a different paper
 size (usually A4). In this case, press the printer button on
 the left. You will see a dialog box saying that the job calls
 for a non-standard page size. Select one of the trays (usually
 tray 1 or 2) to try to force it to print on lettersize paper.
 d. If there is a paper jam, please ask Henry in 507 to fix it and
 try sending your job to another floor.
 e. If all else fails cancel your job. For example, if lpstat -t
 shows your job as
              5-27  .....
 then type  cancel 5-27  to cancel the job.
 f.  If the printer doesn't to appear enabled, type cupsenable 4,
 if your printer was on the 4th floor, subbing in the appropriate
 number if on a different floor.