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The fifth annual

UW Madison Undergraduate Math Competition (2019)

Scheduled for April 17th, 2019. The math competition will start at 5:30 and it will end at 8pm. The room is not yet assigned. Depending on how many students will enroll in taking the exam we will chose a larger or a smaller room. Please register at https://forms.gle/D8d8ju72HYUG1oNZ6. The registration is not mandatory, meaning you can still participate even if you did not register, but it will help the organizers when requesting the exam room.

If you have any questions, please contact Mihaela Ifrim.

Past competitions

Past Competitions
Information First place Second place Third place Honorable mention
Fourth UW Math Competition April 24, 2018; 19 participants Sivakorn Sanguanmoo Yeqin Liu, Liding Yao Daotong Ge, Xiaxin Li Yifan Gao, James Tautges, Suyan Qu, Jikai Zhang
Third UW Math Competition April 19, 2017; 12 participants Shouwei Hui, Hasan Eid Xiaxin Li Daotong Ge, Thomas Hameister -
Second UW Math Competition April 19, 2016; 17 participants Thomas Hameister Chenwei Ruan, Yongzhe Zhang Daotong Ge -
First UW Math Competition April 22, 2015; 20 participants Enkhzaya Enkhtaivan, Killian Kvalvik - - Yida Ding, Thomas Hameister, Yan Chen