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===Adding the Ricoh Printer to a Mac===
Use these instructions on how to setup a printer on a Macintosh.
There is a Ricoh MFP C4501 copier on floors 3-8 of Van Vleck. Note that in order to print to them your computer should be connected to the Van Vleck network via a wired connection and your username on your computer should be the same as your Math Department username. You
can configure your Macintosh to print to these printer/copiers by following the steps below:

# Download and install the [ Ricoh Aficio C4501 driver].  '''Note:''' you will need to have at least MacOS 10.5.
[ Setting up printing on your Mac]
# Set up the printer by clicking on Apple -> System Preferences -> Print and Fax. The display below shows how to
setup the 7th floor Ricoh printer:
    [[Image: MacPrintSetup.jpg]]
If you prefer to do this via a command line, do the following (after downloading and installing the driver)
(This example sets up the 5th floor printer)
Open a terminal window and type the following commands
*sudo tcsh
*(then type an administrator password)
* lpadmin -E -p 5 -v ipp:// -P "/Library/Printers/PPDS/Contents/Resources/RICOH Aficio MP C4501"
* cupsenable 5
* cupsaccept  5
NOTE: if have a personal Macintosh and your local username is different from your username in the Math Department, you can print using a command like this:
    lp -d P -U <yourusername> file.pdf
  (where P is the name of the printer (e.g. 5) and <yourusername> is your username. 
    NOTE that you can only print postscript or PDF files)

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Use these instructions on how to setup a printer on a Macintosh.

Setting up printing on your Mac