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===Adding the Ricoh Printer to a Mac===
Use these instructions on how to setup a printer on a Macintosh.
There is a Ricoh MFP C4501 copier on floors 3-8 of Van Vleck. Note that in order to print to them your computer should be connected to the Van Vleck network via a wired connection and your username on your computer should be the same as your Math Department username. You
can configure your Macintosh to print to these printer/copiers by following the steps below:

# Download and install the [ Ricoh Aficio C4501 driver].  '''Note:''' you will need to have at least MacOS 10.5.
[ Setting up printing on your Mac]
# Set up the printer by clicking on Apple -> System Preferences -> Print and Fax. The display below shows how to
setup the 7th floor Ricoh printer:
    [[Image: MacPrintSetup.jpg]]
If you prefer to do this via a command line, do the following (after downloading and installing the driver)
(This example sets up the 5th floor printer)
Open a terminal window and type the following commands
*sudo tcsh
*(then type an administrator password)
* lpadmin -E -p 5 -v ipp:// -P "/Library/Printers/PPDS/Contents/Resources/RICOH Aficio MP C4501"
* cupsenable 5
* cupsaccept  5
NOTE: if have a personal Macintosh and you would like to print to our copiers you must do
the following:
    * connect to our network with a WIRED connection - there are free ethernet connections
      in our two labs.
    * The username (aka short name, Account name) and password on your mac must be the same as your math dept username.
If your local username is different from your username in the Math Department, you can print using a command like this:
    lp -d P -U <yourusername> file.pdf
  (where P is the name of the printer (e.g. 5) and <yourusername> is your username. 
    NOTE that you can only print postscript or PDF files)
OR you can change your short username using these instructions
See the section with this title
    The middle ground: changing just your short username

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Use these instructions on how to setup a printer on a Macintosh.

Setting up printing on your Mac