Using a Ricoh Printer on a PC

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Adding the Ricoh Printer

Printing to the Ricoh printers from a Windows PC is not as straightforward as it is for linux or MacOS X. Here are the preliminary steps"

    Aficio MP c4501

to download the driver. Select the appropriate operating system and follow the instructions to install it.

  • Next, make sure your laptop is connected to the Van Vleck network with a wired connection and your

username on your laptop is the same as your math dept username

  • Login with an administrative account on your PC (contact the computer staff if you do not have administrative

rights on your PC. Set up TWO print queues to the printer on your floor as follows:

 The Samba method:
 Use the Windows print setup Wizard, but instead of browsing for a printer, type
             \\printserver1\queue_name  (for example \\printserver1\3 for the 3rd floor printer)
 where queue_name is either your floor number (3..8) or a (101b), b(B-127) or c (101). 
 Before you do this, make sure that you have the appropriate printer driver installed on your computer. For the
 copiers on floors 3..8 select Ricoh Aficio MF C4501 PS as your printer driver. For printers a, b, or c select
 HP laserjet 4300

NOTE: the SAMBA method will ignore all choices you make about duplexing, color, etc. and just print the raw data

 The CUPS method:
 Use the Windows print setup Wizard and enter this web address:
            http://printserver1:631/printers/queue_name (for example  http://printserver1:631/printers/3 for the 3rd floor printer)
 For the copiers on floors 3..8 select Ricoh Aficio MF C4501 PS as your printer driver.

NOTE: the method described above will give you B&W duplexed printing. For B&W single-sided printing use:

   http://printserver1:631/printers/queue_name+s (for example  http://printserver1:631/printers/3s for the 3rd floor printer)

Assign different names to these printers - e.g. S3 for the Samba 3rd floor printer and C3 for the cups version. What we have found is that the samba queue will print a color page in color even if you configure it to do black and white and the CUPS queue will print everything in black and white only. To avoid extra page charges, use the cups queue for most printing and the samba queue when you want a color page. (You will be charged 20 cents for every color page).