Working with OpenMPI on the Research Servers

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There are have two different development kits on the research servers for writing MPI code: OpenMPI and Intel OneAPI HPC Toolkit.

By default your account is configured to use the Intel MPI compilers which are incompatible with the OpenMPI libraries. If you log in to the research servers and write and compile OpenMPI-based code you will be using the OpenMPI libraries you specified in the code but compiling with the Intel tools. This will fail.

You have two choices in this case.

The first option is best if you work only with OpenMPI:

  1. Create a file in your home directory that tells the login scripts that you do not wish to have the Intel OneAPI package initialized for you: touch ~/.no-oneapi
  2. Then log out and back in.
  3. After this you will be using OpenMPI by default.

The second option is best if you will be using both development kits from time to time:

  1. Each time you log in and wish to work with OpenMPI, run this command: openmpi_setup
  2. To work with the Intel tools you'll need to log out and back in.

Please contact IT if you have any questions or concerns about this.