AG-Week Three

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Week Three

This is the page with specific information for Week 3 of our Algebraic Geometry Graduate Reading Course

Discussion Leader: Lalit


  • For 9/15: Read & be prepared to discuss 2.6/3.1
    • Hand in 6 written up problems
  • For 9/17: Read & be prepared to discuss 3.2 and 3.3
  • For 9/20: Read & be prepared to discuss 3.4
    • Meeting with faculty: Bring questions from all of Chapter 3 covered so far and any additional questions about Abelian Categories.


6 problems due 9/13


2.6: Rohit's method: is there a way to use the fact that Hom(,M) is a left exact contravariant functor and Hom (A,M) = M, to show that left adjoints are right exact in A-mod?

Ed's crazy ring of functions: what is the union of ideals generated by subsequences? How about maximal ideals?

3.1: Geometric Interpretation of m/m^2 ?


Amanda's notes on fibered products


  • 3.4.O: "a epimorphism" should read "an epimorphism"