A better way to send large attachments

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A better way to send attachments if they are large or there's a number of people who will receive them is to upload them to a central location such as box.com or dropbox and then send a link.

http://uwmadison.box.com is the UW designated cloud storage provider. It has a special agreement with the UW for storage, and has given every person 50 gigabytes of space to store their data. To share a document on it,

  1. ) connect to http://uwmadison.box.com
  2. ) sign in with your netid
  3. ) Choose Upload, and Upload File
  4. ) find the file you wish to upload
  5. ) press upload
  6. ) Once uploaded, click the arrow in the upper right hand corner of the icon of the item you just uploaded. Looks like this: U31adlj9t9ppgmqq123oh20fa1kvzsly.png
  7. ) Click the menu item "Share"
  8. ) Click the access to change to allow anyone with the link to see the item. Iqgy9r807tzugvxnm01t8bdf3p780gef.gif
  9. ) copy the URL to your email.
  10. ) Click close to close the "sharing" item and exit out of box.com.


Or....upload it to Google Docs (http://apps.google.wisc.edu) and share it that way. Or....upload it to your dropbox folder for such things and share it that way.