Algebra and Algebraic Geometry Seminar Fall 2022

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The Seminar takes place on Fridays at 2:30 pm, either virtually (via Zoom) or in person in room B235 Van Vleck.

Algebra and Algebraic Geometry Mailing List

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Fall 2022 Schedule

date speaker title host/link to talk
October 7th TBA TBA Reserved for the arithmetic geometry workshop
October 14th Thomas Yahl Computing Galois groups of finite Fano problems Rodriguez
October 21st Lino Amorim TBA Andrei
November 4th Chris Eur TBD Rodriguez/Wang


Thomas Yahl (TAMU)

Computing Galois groups of finite Fano problems

A Fano problem consists of enumerating linear spaces of a fixed dimension on a variety, generalizing the classical problem of the 27 lines on a smooth cubic surface. Those Fano problems with finitely many linear spaces have an associated Galois group that acts on these linear spaces and controls the complexity of computing them in coordinates via radicals. Galois groups of Fano problems have been studied both classically and modernly and have been determined in some special cases. We use computational tools to prove that several Fano problems of moderate size have Galois group equal to the full symmetric group, each of which were previously unknown.