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Fall 2012 Semester

date speaker title host(s)
Sept 14 David Saintillan (U. Illinois) Living fluids: modeling and simulation of biologically active suspensions Jean-Luc, Saverio
Thu Sept 20, 4pm, B239 Persi Diaconis (Stanford) CANCELLED Jean-Luc
Sept 21 Sebastien Roch (UW) Assembling the tree of life: theory beyond the substitution-only model of sequence evolution local
Sept 21, 4pm, B239 Joyce McLaughlin (RPI) Mathematics for imaging biomechanical parameters in dynamic elastography Colloquium
Sept 28, 1:20pm Mireille Boutin (Purdue) The Pascal triangle of a discrete Image: definition, properties, and application to object segmentation Geometry seminar
Sept 28 Shane Keating (NYU) Models and measures of turbulent mixing in the ocean Jean-Luc
Oct 5 Ellen Zweibel (UW) The fluid dynamics of stellar interiors Jean-Luc
Oct 12 Cyrill Muratov (NJIT) Gamma-convergence for pattern forming systems with competing interactions Sasha Kiselev
Oct 19 Gautam Iyer (CMU) Time discrete approximations to the Navier–Stokes equations: Existence, stability and coercivity Sasha Kiselev
Oct 26 Thomas Yu (Drexel U.) Subdivision methods in scientific computing Shi Jin
Tues Oct 30, 4pm, B239 Andrew Majda (Courant) Data driven methods for complex turbulent systems Smith, Stechmann (Colloquium)
Thu Nov 1, 4pm, B239 Lenya Ryzhik (Chicago) The role of a drift in elliptic and parabolic equations Colloquium
Nov 2, 4pm, B239 Vladimir Sverak (Minnesota) On scale-invariant solutions of the Navier-Stokes equations Colloquium
Nov 9 Doug Weibel (UW) Insight into the mechanism(s) of Proteus mirabilis community structure Jean-Luc, Saverio
Nov 16 Yongcheng Zhou (Colorado State) Multiscale modeling and numerics for surface electrodiffusion Julie
Nov 30, B211 Alexander Kurganov (Tulane) Central-upwind schemes for shallow water models Shi Jin