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Fall 2023

date speaker title host(s)
Sep 8 Erik Bollt (Clarkson University) A New View on Integrability: On Matching Dynamical Systems through Koopman Operator Eigenfunctions Chen
Sep 15 4:00pm B239 John Schotland (Yale University) Nonlocal PDEs and Quantum Optics Li
Sep 22 Balazs Boros (U Vienna) Oscillatory mass-action systems Craciun
Sep 29 Peter Jan van Leeuwen (Colorado State University) Nonlinear Causal Discovery, with applications to atmospheric science Chen
Wed Oct 4 Edriss Titi (Cambridge/Texas A&M) Distringuished Lecture Series Smith, Stechmann
Oct 6 Polly Yu (Harvard) A Spatiotemporal Model of GPCR-G protein Interactions Craciun
Oct 13 Da Yang (University of Chicago) The Incredible Lightness of Water Vapor Smith
Oct 19 (*Thursday* *1:25pm*) Jiaxin Jin (The Ohio State University) On the Dimension of the R-Disguised Toric Locus of a Reaction Network Craciun
Oct 20 Yuehaw Khoo (University of Chicago) Randomized tensor-network algorithms for random data in high-dimensions Li
Oct 27 Shukai Du (UW) Element learning: a systematic approach of accelerating finite element-type methods via machine learning, with applications to radiative transfer Stechmann
Nov 3 Lise-Marie Imbert-Gérard (University of Arizona) Wave propagation in inhomogeneous media with quasi-Trefftz methods Rycroft
Nov 10 Timothy Atherton (Tufts) Shape optimization and shapeshifting in soft matter Chandler, Spagnolie
Nov 17 Daphne Klotsa A touch of non-linearity: mesoscale swimmers and active matter in fluids
Zoom link: (Passcode: 247963)
Nov 24 Thanksgiving break
Dec 1 Adam Stinchcombe (University of Toronto) A simulation of the electrical activity of retinal tissue and electroretinogram design Cochran