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Spring 2013 Semester

date speaker title host(s)
Feb 15, 4pm, B239 Eric Lauga (UCSD) Optimization in fluid-based locomotion Colloquium
Feb 22 Arnd Scheel (Minnesota) Pattern selection in the wake of fronts Jean-Luc, Saverio
March 1 Kourosh Shoele (RE Vision Consulting) Fluid interactions with structures, from fish fins to hydrokinetic devices Saverio
March 8 Andrej Zlatoš (UW) Reactive processes in inhomogeneous media Jean-Luc, Saverio
March 15 Cary Forest (UW) Stirring magnetized plasma Jean-Luc, Saverio
March 22 Matthew Johnston (UW) Characterization of Steady States of Mass Action Systems by Correspondence to Weakly Reversible Networks Jean-Luc, Saverio
April 3, 3:30pm, B131 Vu Hoang (Karlsruhe) Nonexistence of bound states for a periodic waveguide problem Sasha Kiselev
April 5 Nigel Boston (UW) Invariant-Based Face Recognition Jean-Luc, Saverio
April 12 Shanan Peters (UW) CANCELLED Jean-Luc, Saverio
April 19 Shreyas Mandre (Brown) Linear stability of time-dependent flows: dissolution-driven convection Jean-Luc, Saverio
April 26 Ben Recht (UW) A convex perspective on spectral methods in signal processing Jean-Luc, Saverio
May 10 Silas Alben (Michigan) Optimizing snake locomotion in the plane Jean-Luc, Saverio