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Spring 2017

date speaker title host(s)
Jan 27 Chung-Nan Tzou (UW) Optimal mixing of buoyant jets and plumes in stratified fluids: theory and experiments Spagnolie
Mon. Feb 6, 4pm, 911 (Wasow lecture) Benoit Perthame (University of Paris VI) Models for neural networks; analysis, simulations and behaviour Jin
Feb 10 Jeffrey Guasto (Tufts) Two problems in porous media flows: From swimming cells to complex fluids Spagnolie
Feb 17 Youssef Marzouk (MIT) Couplings of probability measures for Bayesian inference Li
Feb 24 Molei Tao (GaTech) Numerical methods for identifying hyperbolic periodic orbits and characterizing rare events in nongradient systems Li
Tue. Mar. 7, 4pm, 911 (Distinguished lecture) Roger Temam (Indiana) On the mathematical modeling of the humid atmosphere Smith
Mar 10 Christian Klingenberg (Würzburg University) The compressible Euler equations with gravity: well-balanced schemes and all Mach number solvers Li
Mar 17 Jacob Notbohm (UW) An equation of motion for collective cell migration? Spagnolie
Mar 24 Spring break
Wed. Mar 29 Seung-Yeal Ha (Seoul National Univ) Emergent dynamics of classical and quantum oscillators Jin
Mar 31 Michael Miksis (Northwestern) Simulations of particle structuring driven by electric fields Spagnolie, Jin
Apr 7 Ehud Yariv (Technion) Strong-field electrohydrodynamics Spagnolie
Apr 14 Lili Ju (South Carolina) A conservative nonlocal convection-diffusion model and asymptotically compatible finite difference discretization Jin
Apr 21 Weiran Sun (Simon Fraser University) CANCELLED
Apr 28 Daniel Bowring (Fermilab) Advanced computing for next-generation dark matter searches Spagnolie