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Spring 2018

date speaker title host(s)
Feb. 2, 4pm, VV 911 Thomas Fai (Harvard) The Lubricated Immersed Boundary Method Spagnolie
Feb. 9 Michael Herty (RWTH-Aachen) Opinion Formation Models and Mean field Games Techniques Jin
Feb. 16 Lee Panetta (Texas A&M) Traveling waves and pulsed energy emissions seen in numerical simulations of electromagnetic wave scattering by ice crystals Smith
Feb. 23 François Monard (UC Santa Cruz) Inverse problems in integral geometry and Boltzmann transport Li
Wed, Feb. 28 Haizhao Yang (National University of Singapore) A Unified Framework for Oscillatory Integral Transform: When to use NUFFT or Butterfly Factorization? Li
Mar. 2 Eric Keaveny (Imperial College London) Linking the micro- and macro-scales in populations of swimming cells Spagnolie, Thiffeault
Mar. 9
Mar. 16, 4pm, VV911 Anne Gelb (Dartmouth) Reducing the effects of bad data measurements using variance based weighted joint sparsity Li
Mar. 23
Mar. 30 Spring break
Wed. Apr. 4, VV 901 Molei Tao (Georgia Tech) Explicit high-order symplectic integration of nonseparable Hamiltonians: algorithms and long time performance Jin
Apr. 6 William Irvine (U Chicago) Spinning top-ology: Order, disorder and topology in mechanical gyro-materials and fluids Spagnolie
Wed. Apr. 11, VV 901 Seung-Yeal Ha (Seoul National University) Synchronization of Kuramoto models and its generalized models Jin
Apr. 13 Boualem Khouider (UVic) Using a stochastic convective parametrization to improve the simulation of tropical modes of variability in a GCM Smith, Stechmann
Mon. Apr. 16, VV B115 Alexander Morozov (U Edinburgh) Collective behavior of microswimmer suspensions Spagnolie
Apr. 20 David Salac (SUNY Buffalo) Three-dimensional multicomponent vesicles: methods and influence of material properties Spagnolie
Apr. 27 Anru Zhang (UW-Madison) Singular value decomposition for high-dimensional high-order data