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Spring 2016 Semester

date speaker title
Feb 4 Jean-Luc Rotor-router walks
Feb 11 Faculty meeting
Feb 18 Colin Arnold et al., Upstream Swimming in Microbiological Flows
Feb 25 Keith Moffatt, The degree of knottedness of tangled vortex lines
Mar 3 Will Ishikawa et al., Nutrient uptake in a suspension of squirmers
Mar 10 Faculty meeting
Mar 17 Peter My talk will be on recent research, but see the following paper for pretty pictures and some background/motivation: Jones et al., Chaotic advection by laminar flow in a twisted pipe
Mar 24 Spring break
Mar 31 Tom Dabiri, Note on the induced Lagrangian drift and added-mass of a vortex
Apr 7 Faculty meeting
Apr 14 Huanyu Diaconis, The distribution of leading digits and uniform distribution mod 1
Apr 21 Igor Mezic Koopman Operator Theory in Fluid Mechanics
Apr 28 John Lynch Zhu, Persistent Homology: An Introduction and a New Text Representation for Natural Language Processing
May 5 Faculty meeting