Basic Linux Seminar

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January 16, 2017 from 10am to 12pm, B107 Van Vleck

Connecting to a linux machine via ssh.

  • hand out account credentials for non-math attendees
  • explain Linux vs. Unix, open source

Using SCP to move items from your machine to the server, using sFTP, Filezilla, SecureFX

  • Terminal on mac, linux
  • download and install SSH program (like SecureCRT) for Windows.


  • landing zone
  • where am I


  • changing directories
  • shortcuts for changing directories
    • ~, ., ..,
  • tab completion

Creating/removing directories

  • mkdir
  • rmdir

Creating files

  • touch
  • nano nameoffile
  • nano is a simple (and one of many) text editor, vi, emacs, joe, etc.

Moving/Copying/Deleting files

  • mv
  • cp
  • rm

Listing contents of your directory

  • ls
    • does not show hidden files/folders
  • use of option flags to see more
  • ls -l
  • ls -la
    • does show hidden files/folders
  • ls -last
    • shows most recently changed/create at top


  • ls -l shows you the permissions
  • discussion of what those permissions mean.
    • letter method
    • number method
  • chmod changing permissions

Man command Less command Grep command Piping cron make your own script

  • alias command
  • writing an actual file, making it executable, and running it.
    • Create a bash script in your /usr/bin folder, it should look something like this
  1. !/bin/bash

Whatever combination of commands you want to run when you type this thing. Its really that easy.

Just name the bash script what you want to type in to the terminal, and make it excecutable: chmod +x filename and you're good to go! quota command; du -s subdir locate command