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September 8, 2023, Friday 4pm, Tushar Das (University of Wisconsin-La Crosse)

(host: Stovall)

September 22, 2023, Friday 4pm, TBA

(host: Craciun)

October 2, 2023, Monday at 4pm Edriss Titi (Texas A&M University)

Distinguished lectures

(host: Smith, Stechmann)

October 20, 2023, Friday at 4pm, Sara Maloni (UVA)

(hosts: Dymarz, Uyanik, GmMaW)

October 25, 2023, Wednesday at 4pm, Gigliola Staffilani (MIT)

(hosts: Ifrim, Smith)

October 27, 2023, Friday at 4pm, Rodrigo Bañuelos (Purdue)

(host: Stovall)

October 31 (Tuesday at 4pm) and November 1 (Wednesday at 4pm) Irit Dinur (The Weizmann Institute of Science)

Distinguished lectures, tentatively reserved.

(host: Gurevich).