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For more detailed information on computing in the Math Department, see Math Computing

The following facilities are solely for the use of Math Department faculty and graduate students.

  • Computers: Graduate students have a Linux machine in each of their offices. Each faculty member has his/her own computer or laptop.
  • Public Computers: There is one open computer lab, room 101B. Most of the computers in these rooms use the Linux operating system, but there are limited Macs as well.
  • Printers: At the end of the halls on floors 3 through 8 and in rooms 101A and B127, there are (double-sided printing) grayscale printers for your use.

If you have a laptop, you can set up printing to our copiers. Link: Printing from your laptop

Ceiling mounted projectors are available in rooms these classrooms. Talk to the computer staff in 515 if you need help using the projectors in 901 and 911.

Wireless access is available from UWNet and Eduroam throughout campus.