Graduate Algebraic Geometry Seminar Fall 2020

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When: Thursday 5:00-6:00 PM CST


Lizzie the OFFICIAL mascot of GAGS!!

Who: All undergraduate and graduate students interested in algebraic geometry, commutative algebra, and related fields are welcome to attend.

Why: The purpose of this seminar is to learn algebraic geometry and commutative algebra by giving and listening to talks in a informal setting. Talks are typically accessible to beginning graduate students and take many different forms. Sometimes people present an interesting paper they find. Other times people give a prep talk for the Friday Algebraic Geometry Seminar. Other times people give a series of talks on a topic they have been studying in-depth. Regardless the goal of GAGS is to provide a supportive and inclusive place for all to learn more about algebraic geometry and commutative algebra.

How: If you want to get emails regarding time, place, and talk topics (which are often assigned quite last minute) add yourself to the gags mailing list: The list registration page is here.

Give a talk!

We need volunteers to give talks this semester. If you're interested contact Colin or David, or just add yourself to the list (though in that case we might move your talk later without your permission). Beginning graduate students are particularly encouraged to give a talk, since it's a great way to get your feet wet with the material.

Being an audience member

The goal of GAGS is to create a safe and comfortable space inclusive of all who wish to expand their knowledge of algebraic geometry and commutative algebra. In order to promote such an environment in addition to the standard expectations of respect/kindness all participants are asked to following the following guidelines:

  • Do Not Speak For/Over the Speaker:
  • Ask Questions Appropriately:

Fall 2020

September 30 Asvin Gothandaraman Title
October 5 Yifan Wei On the Analytic Side (GAGA)
October 14 Owen Goff The Magic and Comagic of Hopf Algebras
October 21 Roufan Jiang TBD
October 28 Erika Pirnes Introduction to representation theory via an example
November 4 Alex Mine The Internal Language of the Category of Sheaves
November 11 John Cobb Introduction to Boij-Söderberg Theory
November 18 Yunfan He Introduction to mixed Hodge structure
November November 25 Maya Banks TBD
December 2 Peter Wei K3 Surfaces and Their Moduli
December 9 Wendy Cheng TBD
December 16 Caitlyn Booms Characteristic Dependence of Syzygies of Random Monomial Ideals

Organizers' Contact Info

Colin Crowley

David Wagner

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