Graduate Logic Seminar

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The Graduate Logic Seminar is an informal space where graduate students and professors present topics related to logic which are not necessarily original or completed work. This is a space focused principally on practicing presentation skills or learning materials that are not usually presented in a class.

The talk schedule is arranged at the beginning of each semester. If you would like to participate, please contact one of the organizers.

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Fall 2023

The seminar will be run as a 1-credit seminar Math 975 in Fall 2023. If you are not enrolled but would like to audit it, please contact Uri Andrews and Hongyu Zhu.

While you are welcome (and encouraged) to present on a topic of your own choice, there is also a "suggested reading" so that you can also read and present on a (small) section of it.

Suggested reading:

September 11 - Organizational Meeting

We will meet to assign speakers to dates.

Previous Years

The schedule of talks from past semesters can be found here.