Honorary Fellows

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Honorary Fellows

Each honorary fellow must have a faculty sponsor. There are more requests for appointments than the department is able to appoint because of limited office space and facilities. Therefore, faculty should request honorary fellow appointments only for visitors whom they really want. Appointment of an honorary fellow requires prior approval from the Dean. Foreign visitors also require some work to obtain a visa. The department must have an up to date vita and publication list enough in advance to allow time for the necessary arrangements.

The Payroll Manager will write the appointment letter and provide assistance in applying for a visa.

Honorary fellows generally will be provided with desk space in Bascom Hall (4th floor) that they will be sharing with other honorary fellows. Honorary fellows should not expect to be housed in Van Vleck.

Honorary Fellows can obtain a photo ID card at Union South and a “borrowing card” from the Memorial Library. The research grant of a sponsor may be charged for expenses (copying, phone, postage, etc.) incurred by an honorary fellow. If neither the honorary fellow nor the sponsor has a grant, the department's Supply and Expenses budget will try to absorb such expenses if dire circumstances arise.