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Mail & Packages

Sharon Paulson is in charge of mailbox assignments. Mailbox locations may change from year to year as they are placed in alphabetical order. Your Van Vleck mailbox is intended for work related mail. Please have personal packages and letters delivered to your home. Mail distribution will proceed most expeditiously if it is not interrupted by requests for supplies and if people do not congregate in the mailbox area while mail is being distributed. Please empty your mailbox sufficiently often so that it does not get too full as to impede delivery.

Packages that are too large to be placed in mailboxes will be kept in 213 Van Vleck and a note will be placed in the corresponding mailbox.


The department provides postage only for official University business. Professional correspondence such as submission of manuscripts or referee reports is considered to be University business; personal correspondence and payment of household expenses are not. Department members are expected to use discretion in deciding what personal correspondence is. Electronic mail is a cheaper and faster alternative to overseas mail.

It is expected that arrangements will be made for reimbursement of postage which can be charged to a research grant or to the editorial budget of a journal.


Envelopes are available from the front desk staff.