Moving back to Debian from Ubuntu

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In Summer of 2017, we'll be moving all of our Linux workstations back to Debian from Ubuntu.

The reasons for this are that we've experienced some problems with the stability of our systems under Ubuntu, and that we're not sure if the quick release schedule of Ubuntu is adequately tested. Debian, while it has a slower release schedule, has never given us the type of computer problems that Ubuntu did.

Things we've noticed about the transition

1. Problems logging in. If the pc_inventory is not filled in correctly, this may happen. For information, take a look at the internal math IT kb....staff only.

2. Installing Thunderbird: When I first tried to open thunderbird, it insisted on having me authenticate. I typed in my password. Need to check to see if non-admin people are able to install Thunderbird or just admins. If non-admins can't, we might need to take additional steps to install this.

3. Unable to open Thunderbird for the first time. This problem shows up after Thunderbird is first installed. It shows the following error message. This is because of an existing .thunderbird and .icedove folder. The solutions are to copy those folders elsewhere and redo the connection within Thunderbird. This may take extra time to fully repopulate mail folders, but evidentually, it will look similar to your existing setup. If you had local folders, you may need to copy those back after this procedure is complete. If this is something you wouldn't feel comfortable doing, please let our list know.