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Graduate Student Number Theory / Representation Theory Seminar, University of Wisconsin – Madison

  • When: Tuesdays, 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM
  • Where: B113 Van Vleck

The purpose of this seminar is to have a talk on each Tuesday by a graduate student to help orient ourselves for the Number Theory Seminar talk on the following Thursday. These talks should be aimed at beginning graduate students, and should try to explain some of the background, terminology, and ideas for the Thursday talk.

Fall 2018 Semester: Schedule

Date Speaker (click for homepage) Title (click for abstract)
September 11 Brandon Boggess Praise Genus
September 18 Solly Parenti Asymptotic Equidistribution of Hecke Eigenvalues

September 25 Asvin Gothandaraman Growth of class numbers in [math]\displaystyle{ \mathbb{Z}_p }[/math] extensions
October 2 Soumya Sankar Etale Cohomology: the Streets
October 9 Qiao He Basics of Trace Formula
October 16 Ewan Dalby Etale Fundamental Groups - Some Examples
October 23 Niudun Wang Brauer-Siegel Ratio for Abelian varieties over Function Fields
October 30 Wanlin Li Siegel Varieties and CM points
November 6 Sun Woo Park Kloosterman Sums and Kuznetsov Trace Formula
November 13 Sun Woo Park Equidistribution of Heegner Points
November 20 Solly Parenti What the ad-hell is a modular form?
November 27 Yu Fu Models of Algebraic Varieties over Function Fields of Curves

December 4 Brandon Boggess Height Functions on Varieties

December 11 Weitong Wang Ax-Schanuel and o-Minimality
December 18


Soumya Sankar (ssankar3@wisc.edu)

Former Organizers

Brandon Alberts

Megan Maguire

Ryan Julian

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