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Number Theory Seminar, University of Wisconsin-Madison

  • When: Thursdays at 2:30pm, with the exception of November 2, December 7 and 16, which are Tuesdays (see below).
  • Where: Van Vleck Hall B105
  • Please join the NTS mailing list.
  • The schedule for the spring semester is here.
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Fall 2010 Semester

Date Speaker Title (click to see abstract)
Sept. 9 (Thurs.) Jordan Ellenberg,
UW Madison
Expander graphs, gonality, and Galois representations
Sept. 16 (Thurs.) Shuichiro Takeda,
Sept. 23 (Thurs.) Xinyi Yuan,
Harvard and Clay Math Institute
Volumes of arithmetic line bundles and equidistribution
Sept. 30 (Thurs.) Jared Weinstein,
Resolution of singularities on the tower of modular curves
Oct. 7 (Thurs.) David Zywina ,
U. Penn
Bounds for Serre's open image theorem
Oct. 14 (Thurs.) Soroosh Yazdani,
Local Szpiro Conjecture
Oct. 21 (Thurs.) Zhiwei Yun,
From automorphic forms to Kloosterman sheaves
Oct. 28 (Thurs.) David Brown,
Rigid Cohomology for Algebraic Stacks
Nov. 2 (TUESDAY) Bryden Cais,
On the restriction of crystalline Galois representations
Nov. 4 (Thurs.) Tom Hales,
University of Pittsburgh
Fundamental Lemma for beginners
Nov. 11 (Thurs.) Jay Pottharst,
Boston University
Iwasawa theory at nonordinary primes
Nov. 16 (TUESDAY, 3:40pm VV B105) Danny Neftin,
Nov. 18 (Thurs.) Melanie Matchett Wood,
Stanford and AIM
Geometric parametrizations of ideal classes
Nov. 25 (Thurs.) Thanksgiving
Dec. 2 (Thurs.) Samit Dasgupta,
UC Santa Cruz
On Greenberg's conjecture on derivatives of p-adic L-functions with trivial zeroes
Dec. 7 (TUESDAY) David Geraghty,
Princeton and IAS
Potential automorphy for compatible systems
Dec. 9 (Thurs.) Toby Gee
Potential automorphy for compatible systems

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Also of interest is the Grad student seminar: which meets on Tuesdays.

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