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If you want to scan a document to create a digital file, there are several places where you can do this in Van Vleck. One of them, the copier/scanner in the Math Library can be used by anyone with a University connection. The other facilities are reserved for members of the Math Department. If you want to scan a document to a PDF file, use the copier/scanners located on floors 3-8 of Van Vleck. The document feeder makes it easy to scan a large multipage document to a PDF file which can then be e-mailed to someone. Math Department faculty, graduate, students and staff will be given access codes to use the copy feature of these machines.

For small, individual scanning jobs, there is an Epson flatbed scanner attached to the iMac in 101B Van Vleck. In order to use this scanner you must have a Math Department account. You will use this account to log into the Macintosh.

For more details about these scanners, select one of the following:

  • Scanning from the [iMac] in 101B