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Routine business letters, technical and/ or non-technical typing for the senior staff, honorary fellows and lecturers are handled by The Chair’s Assistant and/ or the Dept. Administrator. Three days lead time is requested for routine typing. Please write legibly. Print proper names. Print all foreign words and phrases.

Technical Typing

We do not have a staff member for this, since most are trained in this typing – but if there is a need, please bring the job to Dept. Administrator who will put a call out to a Graduate Student for typing. We ask your cooperation in presenting the work in legible copy, with precise instructions, and the expected completion date required. The technical typing needs of the entire Department must be met, and technical typing is a skill that cannot be rushed without sacrificing some quality. So please remember when a "rush job" is requested, you are hindering other staff who have allowed sufficient lead-time. When you have received a final copy of a paper, please make an extra photocopy for your file as extra printer copies are more expensive than photocopies. Examinations and special typing requests should be given 5 working days lead-time (don't forget to add the 3 days for duplicating).


There is a typewriter available for limited use. See the Receptionist.