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You should begin by seeing the Payroll Manager for information about financial matters, including salary arrangements, health insurance, life insurance (compulsory and optional), income continuation insurance, retirement, tax withholding forms, employee reimbursement accounts, payroll deductions, and fringe benefits in general. They will also verify your employment eligibility as required by federal law. You should be aware of the following matters:

  1. Academic year salaries are paid in nine monthly installments, with the first payment on October 1 and the last on June 1.
  2. For faculty members, health insurance premiums are paid in-part or in-full by the University, depending on the coverage selected.
  3. Retirement contributions and benefits are automatic for all staff members with tenured appointments or probationary or visiting appointments of one year or more.
  4. Income continuation insurance is available to all who are eligible for retirement benefits, but must be requested. At least one form of coverage is available without cost; you should apply when you arrive.
  5. You must arrange to have salary checks deposited directly in your bank account.
  6. Employee Reimbursement Accounts are a means of sequestering some income in an account from which medical and child care expenses can be made without being subject to taxes. However, money in such an account that is not spent on allowable expenses is lost forever.
  7. A portion of your salary can be put into a tax-deferred annuity; several varieties are available.

All office assignments are administered by the 2nd floor office staff. All office, utility, and building keys can be obtained when they become available. The Department follows the policy set by the Committee on TA Policies and Procedures (CTAPP).

You will find additional information on the Department’s website