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Fall 2011 Semester

Date Speaker Title (click to see abstract) Host
Sept. 9 (Friday) Sigurd Angenent,
Deterministic and random models for polarization in yeast cells Local
Sept. 16 (Friday) John Finn,
Los Alamos
Symplectic integrators with adaptive time steps Jean-Luc Thiffeault
Sept. 23 (Friday) Jay Bardhan,
Rush Univ
Understanding Protein Electrostatics using Boundary-Integral Equations Julie Mitchell
Sept. 30 (Friday) Omar Morandi,
TU Graz
Modeling quantum transport with the phase-space formalism Shi Jin
Special time & room
Oct. 7 (Friday at 1pm, B223 Van Vleck)
Guowei Wei,
Michigan State
Variational multiscale models for biomolecular systems Julie Mitchell
Oct. 7 (Friday) George Hagedorn,
Virginia Tech
Time Dependent Semiclassical Quantum Dynamics: Analysis and Numerical Algorithms Shi Jin
Special day
Oct. 12 (Wednesday)
Frederic Coquel,
Ecole Polytechnique Paris
Coupling of Hyperbolic PDEs: thin versus thick coupling interfaces Shi Jin
Oct. 14 (Friday) Qiang Deng,
Tropical cyclogenesis in a 3D Boussinesq model with simple cloud physics Local
Oct. 21 (Friday) Ray Pierrehumbert,
U of Chicago
Bifurcation and climate sensitivity Jean-Luc Thiffeault
Nov. 4 (Friday) Bokai Yan,
Asymptotic-preserving schemes for kinetic-fluid coupling model Local
Special day
Nov. 9 (Wednesday)
Henri Berestycki,
The Explosion Problem with a Flow Alex Kiselev
Probability Seminar
Special day

Nov. 10 (Thursday)
David Anderson,
Computational methods for stochastic models in biology Local
Special day
Nov. 14 (Monday)
Carsten Conradi,
Multistationarity and switching in mass action networks Gheorghe Craciun,

David Anderson

Mathematics Colloquium
Special day, time & room

Nov. 14 (Monday at 4pm, B239 Van Vleck)
Jianfeng Lu,
Courant Institute
Multiscale analysis of solid materials: From electronic structure models to continuum theories Shi Jin
Special day
Nov. 15 (Tuesday)
Anne Shiu,
U of Chicago
Chemical reaction systems with toric steady states Gheorghe Craciun,

David Anderson

Nov. 18 (Friday) Willard Miller,
Compressive sampling, or how to get something from almost nothing (probably) Peter Mueller
Dec. 2 (Friday) Peter Thomas,
Case Western
Phase Resetting in an Asymptotically Phaseless System: On the Phase Response of Limit Cycles Verging on a Heteroclinic Orbit Gheorghe Craciun
Dec. 9 (Friday) Ian Tice,
Universit Paris-Est Crteil
Some stability problems in interfacial fluid mechanics Mikhail Feldman

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