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Applied and Computational Mathematics Seminar

Spring 2023

date speaker title host(s)
Jan 27 Paul Milewski (University of Bath) Embedded solitary internal waves Jean-Luc
Feb 3 Nimish Pujara (UW) Flow and friction on a beach due to breaking waves Jean-Luc
Feb 10 Dimitris Giannakis (Dartmouth) Quantum information for simulation of classical dynamics Li
Feb 17 Steve Wright (UW) Optimization in theory and practice Jean-Luc
Feb 24 Angel Adames-Corraliza (UW) Theory and observations that slow tropical motions transport latent energy poleward Smith
Mar 3 Ehud Yariv (Technion) Flows about superhydrophobic surfaces Jean-Luc
Mar 10 no seminar host
Mar 17 Spring break
Mar 24 Arshad Kudrolli (Clark) Swimming and burrowing in sand and water Spagnolie and Rycroft
Mar 31 Mihai Anitescu (Argonne National Laboratory) TBA Li
Apr 7 at 4:00pm, Room TBA Rupert Klein (FU Berlin) Wasow Lecture: Mathematics: A key to climate research Smith, Stechmann
Apr 14 Romit Maulik (Argonne National Laboratory/PSU) Chen
Apr 21 John Schotland (Yale) TBA Li
Apr 28 Pedram Hassanzadeh (Rice University) Chen

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