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Applied and Computational Mathematics Seminar

Fall 2021

date virtual/in-person speaker title host(s)
Sept 10 Virtual Jiuhua Hu (Texas A&M / UW) Wavelet-based Edge Multiscale Parareal Algorithm for Parabolic Equations with Heterogeneous Coefficients Chen and Stechmann
Sept 17 Di Fang (Berkeley) Time-dependent unbounded Hamiltonian simulation with vector norm scaling Li
Sept 24 Virtual Ruby Leung (PNNL) Mesoscale convective systems in observations and a hierarchy of models Chen and Stechmann
Oct 1 Virtual Yariv Aizenbud (Yale) Non-parametric estimation of manifolds from noisy data (Link to recorded talk) Saverio, Shamgar
Oct 8 VV B119 Yuhua Zhu (Stanford) Fokker-Planck Equations and Machine Learning Zepeda-Núñez
Oct 8, 4-5pm Virtual Jon Chapman (Oxford) Wasow Lecture: Asymptotics beyond all orders: the devil's invention? Jean-Luc
Oct 15 VV 901 Enkeleida Lushi (NJIT) Aligning active particles in confinement Saverio and Jean-Luc
Oct 22 Virtual Russell Hewett (Virginia Tech) Parallel Primitives for High-performance Deep Learning Zepeda-Núñez
Oct 29 Virtual Alex Chamolly (ENS Paris) Mechanical self-organisation in avian embryos Saverio
Nov 5 VV 901 (watch party) Dominic Vella (Oxford) Buffering by Buckling: New wrinkles on Gauss’ Pizza Theorem (Link to recorded talk) Saverio
Nov 12 Virtual Mohammad Farazmand (NCSU) RONS: Reduced-order nonlinear solutions for PDEs with conserved quantities Chen
Nov 19 VV 901 Bamdad Hosseini (Caltech and UW-Seattle) Solving and Learning Nonlinear PDEs with Gaussian Processes Li
Nov 26 Thanksgiving
Dec 3 Virtual Aseel Farhat (Florida State University) Intermittency in turbulence and the 3D Navier-Stokes regularity problem Smith
Dec 10 Virtual Ian Grooms (University of Colorado-Boulder) Parameterizing the impact of unresolved temperature variability on the ocean's large-scale density field Smith

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