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Physical Applied Math Group Meeting

Spring 2024

date speaker title
Jan. 31 Saverio Computing fluid-structure interactions in nematic liquid crystals
Feb. 7 Chris Voronoi
Feb. 14 Jean-Luc
Feb. 21 Albritton Introduction to rigorous PDEs in turbulence theory: Onsager's conjecture and the Kolmogorov 4/5 law
Feb. 28 Hanzhang Mao, Jingyi Li, ...? March Meeting practice talks
Mar. 6 APS March Meeting
Mar. 13 Ohm
Mar. 20 Visiting student day
Mar. 27 Spring Break
Apr. 3 Thiffeault
Apr. 10 Thomas Chandler Stokes flow with obstacles using complex variables
Apr. 17 Jiayin Lu and Zhaolun Luo

(Rycroft Group)

Adapting Chorin's projection method to simulate elasto-plastic solids
Apr. 24 Ohm?
May 1 Spagnolie?
May 8 Supergroup activity

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